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Tree service in
Gold Canyon and the East Valley.

Professional Tree Service – ISA Certified Arborist

We are a full-service Tree company specializing in Tree and Plant Health Care, as well as new tree planting and tree pruning. A highly knowledgeable Certified Arborist is available for consultation during weekdays. We can diagnose and treat any pest, disease, or deficiency that may adversely affect the condition of your tree(s). If you care about keeping your trees alive and healthy for many years, give us a call and we will provide a long-term solution for all of your Tree and landscape needs.

 As a homeowner, keeping your property pristine year-round can be challenging, especially in an extreme climate. Having a beautiful yard in the desert sun isn’t as hard as you think, and having a professional tree service available can make your life a little easier.  Ivy Tree Service, one of the premier Tree Service companies trusted by East Valley residents for quality work.  


A Full Range Of Services To Meet Your Needs
We understand how it can be difficult to plant, prune or remove your trees. Some of the services we provide are tree trimming/technical pruning, tree removal, stump removal, disease diagnosis and treatment, soil analysis and fertilization, tree cabling and bracing, mulching, tree planting and staking.

Your trees can be a long-term investment or a frustrating, hazardous eyesore. That is why it is so important to have a Certified Arborist, like Alexander Ivy inspect, and maintain your trees. He is well-rounded in all aspects of tree care and unlike some others may claim, has the education and experience to effectively and efficiently care for your trees. 

Ivy Tree Service is committed to providing exceptional tree services in Gilbert, Apache Junction and the entire East Valley. We strive to exceed the highest expectations of every single customer that we serve in the local area. Our customers rave over our unmatched customer service as well as our ability to diagnose and treat difficult infections or infestations that plague our magnificent trees. Keeping a well-maintained, beautiful property isn’t easy, but the experts at Ivy Tree Service can take all of the worries away. We are the tree service company Arizona property owners in the East Valley use to keep their trees healthy and trimmed all year long. It all begins with a phone call to our company, If you need a professional, experienced Arborist, we are the Tree Service company to contact.

Trees overgrown?

We have the ability to safely trim or remove even the largest, most hazardous trees, in some of the most precarious locations. Give us a call or send us a message to get on the schedule for a quote or consultation. 

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