Alexander Ivy (President) Has been in the professional tree care business since he was 17 years old. At that age he worked for a few years as a production climber for a multiple companies. This is when he learned how to ascend trees and safely do one of the worlds most dangerous jobs.   

     After being trained by some very highly rated tree services and  Certified Arborists, Alexander decided that this was his passion. Every day he wanted to learn more, and was more and more eager to become the best in the industry. Not just at climbing and trimming trees but at giving customers what nobody else seemed to want to. Valid, honest information, with great customer service. Out of all the great people who helped ignite the spark of Arboriculture in Alexander, they all seemed to be missing those two things.  So one day Alexander set out to carve a path into Arboriculture and be the change that he wanted to see in the industry. 

     Then Ivy Tree Service was born. With a last name like Ivy, one might think that Alexander was destined to have this career. Simply enough, he loved what he was doing and was great at it. He became an ISA Certified Arborist after many hours of studying tree biology, risk assessment, planting and establishment, common tree diseases or pests and so much more. This was the step into this industry that really sets Alexander apart from the others. He’s not just a Certified Arborist, he is a tree lover! He enjoys all parts of his career and loves to spend time teaching his customers about how to maintain their trees and educate them about proper pruning practice. 

     Alexander has 3 beautiful sons that he hopes will someday have the same passion for trees and the outdoors that he does. On his off time you will find Alexander fishing, hiking or spending time with his family. 

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