Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services

Proper Plant

Does your landscaper seem to trim your shrubs and plants the same way every visit? Surely not all plants are created equal, so why trim them all the same? Here at Ivy Tree Service we take the time to care for each plant individually and tailor our trimming techniques to get the most out of your plants. Whether you want a privacy hedge or a naturally shaped shrub we know exactly how to prune it to meet your expectations of a healthy landscape. Give us a call for a precise estimate of what is needed to get your property looking beautiful. 

Micronutrient Fertilization

Another commonly overlooked, and crucial part of a landscape, is proper fertilization. Providing your plants with key micronutrients is the trick to setting your house apart from your neighbors’. Selecting what fertilizer or nutrient is needed for each plant is not a decision that should be taken lightly, and the store-bought fertilizers are not likely to meet the needs of most shrubs or flowers. We use only agricultural grade, highly soluble, fertilizers to ensure that the nutrients are readily available for uptake by the plants. 

Landscape Consultation

Have questions about your current landscape? Just getting started in a new home? Looking for an overhaul of your current greenery? We’ve got you covered. A Certified Arborist is not just knowledgable about trees. We are experts in all parts of plant health care and landscape planning. We can offer valid insight and information to help your landscape become a harmonious living space that will benefit all aspects of your property. 

Weeds Out of Control?

We use top of the line commercial spray that prevents future weed growth and an organic herbicide that kills any standing weeds. Call Now for a complete yard spray.