Terms of Service

Contract: This form contains the entirety of work to be completed and may not be modified or changed except through a subsequent written agreement. Upon written order, additional services or changes may be provided with additional charges above the cost provided in the current written order. All work is guaranteed to be completed by the specifications of the signed work order in a professional manner. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

Payment: A 50% deposit is required to schedule any services; the remainder of payment is due upon the completion of the job. Any total that is less than $500.00 is to be paid in full before work is scheduled.

Cancellation Fees: Cancellations received on the same day work is scheduled to begin will be required to pay a 50% cancellation fee. Cancellation fees are not included in the non-refundable deposit.

Late/Collection Fees: A late fee of $50 will be charged to the current balance after 7 days have passed from the completion of the work. Any and all costs incurred in the collection of past due balances as well as any legal fees from the process of collections are the sole responsibility of the customer on top of any unpaid balances and late fees.

Palm Trees: Ivy Tree Service, LLC will not return to the property to remove seed pods off of palms after the initial trim is complete unless an additional fee is paid. Skinning the trunks of palm trees is not included in the initial price to trim the palm tree; this service is available upon request for an additional charge.
Stump Grinding/Digging, etc.: All services are done upon the customer’s request. Any damage caused by digging, stump grinding, trenching, root feeding, etc., is not the responsibility of Ivy Tree Service, LLC.

Planting Guarantee and Limited Warranty: Planted items shall be under warranty for 1 year from the date of installation. This warranty includes a one-time replacement as long as an automatic watering system is in place and functioning correctly at the time of initial planting. Ivy Tree Service, LLC is to verify working condition at the initial planting as trees must be properly watered to be considered maintained under the warranty.

Said warranty includes only problems that occur due to material or workmanship. Excluded in the warranty is any plant that is affected or damaged by insects, disease, animals, wind, freezing, fire, flooding, natural phenomena of any kind, or failure to maintain the plants by the customer.

Immediately following planting, trees and shrubs can show signs of stress due to the new environment but should recover quickly. At first sign of abnormal growth/distress, please contact Ivy Tree Service, LLC immediately. Waiting to call after the death of newly planted material will cause the void of the above warranty. Planting guarantee does NOT cover storm damage, frost damage, vandalism, or neglect.

Tree Care: Newly planted trees must be watered daily for the first 10 days. Then switch to the watering schedule discussed by your arborist upon planting as that will be appropriate for your specific plants needs.

Treatment Guarantee: Ivy Tree Service, LLC only uses quality products for treatments. However, we cannot guarantee success of treatment due to the fact that plants are living organisms. If unsatisfied with treatment results, please contact your arborist, but lack of results is not grounds for a refund.


The proposal may be withdrawn by Ivy Tree Service, LLC at any time. A new proposal will have to be created after a period of 30 days and the same prices included in the initial proposal are subject to change based on the arborist’s discretion.