Tree Services

Tree Services

Tree Trimming

Artistic and professional trimming techniques.


Safe removal of any tree from your residential or commercial property.


Planting trees where they will grow healthy and safely

Disease and Pest

Diagnose and treat infected trees for insects, diseases, and environmental stresses.

Ivy Tree Service can provide just about any service that a homeowner could need. Operating in the Gold Canyon and the East Valley of Arizona, we bring prompt and affordable tree service to your neighborhood. Check out our services below, or give us a call at (480) 255-3022 for more information.

  • Tree Trimming – For the homeowner who is looking to artistically shape up their trees, we offer a tree trimming service. We also perform professional tree trimming for problem trees, such as those that are encroaching on utility lines and neighboring properties.
  • Tree Removal – Tree removal can be dangerous and is always best left to the experts. We can take care of unwanted trees professionally and safely. If your home has a dead tree or just a tree that has become an eyesore, we can remove it for you.
  • Planting – When planting a tree, it is important to plan for the future. Whether you are looking for something that looks nice, provides shade, or creates a windbreak, we can help you pick what type of tree you need as well as plant it. We’re great at choosing locations that will ensure the tree will grow safely and healthily for years to come.
  • Disease and Pest – Insects, disease, and environmental stress can all take a toll on a tree’s health. One of our tree service options is to diagnose and treat whatever ails the trees on your property.

Weeds Out of Control?

We use top of the line commercial spray that prevents future weed growth and an organic herbicide that kills any standing weeds. Call Now for a complete yard spray.