Tree Trimming

Tree trimming, or pruning, is the technique of trimming away the branches of a tree to improve its overall appearance and health. As one of the premier tree experts and Arborist in the East Valley, Ivy Tree Service specializes in trimming and tree care. Whether you need someone to come to your property for regular palm trimming or to properly prune trees throughout the property, we can do the job. In case you are not sure whether you need our tree trimming services, we put together a short list of reasons to give us a call.

  • For the best appearance, trees that have dead branches or wilted brown fronds can bring down the curbside appeal of your property. We can trim just about any tree you might have, and we can also take care of your palm trimming needs. A tree with a healthy canopy doesn’t just looks great, it enhances the rest of the beautiful landscaping you may have. A good looking tree can take a beautiful backyard view from nice to positively picturesque. The right tree trimming technique can enhance nature’s beauty, but it can also significantly increase the value of your property. Just imagine how much nicer your home or business would look if there were no more dead branches, brown palm fronds, or oddly shaped canopies hanging around. If you are interested in seeing some snapshots of the properties we have worked on, head over to the Photos Page for a better look.
  • To keep trees looking lively, pruning a tree is an important part of its maintenance and helps keep the plant happy and healthy. Every tree deserves regular maintenance, and part of this care is regular trimming. Palms, are less likely to attract pests like Scorpions and Termites if the fronds and lace are trimmed or removed periodically. Carefully trimming certain parts of a tree’s canopy (or crown) increases light penetration to lower branches. This makes the tree healthier and less vulnerable to disease, pests, and even environmental stresses. Once a tree is diseased, we can also trim as part of a treatment plant. When pests or disease affect your tree, give us a call as soon as you notice the issue. If it seems like it’s too late, we can also remove the tree altogether as a last resort.
  • Avoiding damage, sometimes a tree that has been planted near a building or utility lines can start to become a serious problem. Even trees that stand near pools, driveways, or fences can be an issue if they haven’t been properly cared for. Even palms can lose fronds during periods of high winds or become a fire hazard during dry seasons if they are not pruned routinely. Having Ivy Tree Service trim your trees reduces the risk of broken branches and fronds landing on a building, vehicle, or person. Trees can also be trimmed to meet your local home owners association standards or simply to avoid branches that reach across property lines (or power lines). We are also able to identify which trees to trim, and how much foliage to remove, which could help your trees fare better during droughts or other extreme weather events that we have in Arizona.

If you are thinking about getting the trees on your property trimmed, give us a call at (480) 255-3022 or head over to our Contact Page and leave us a message. Our passion is tree care and maintenance, and we would love to talk with you about your options and needs. Whether you simply need to take care of an overgrown tree, get ugly brown palm fronds removed, or want to see some more artistic, natural shaping in your trees canopy we would love to work with you.